Could the UK Ever Get Rid of VAT?

34 days ago

Few of us like VAT, as it adds a cost onto most goods that we buy. Businesses need to account for it if they are registered for it, which involves more paperwork and record-keeping. So, could we ever get rid of it, and would it be a good thing if we did?



The Advantages of a VAT Calculator

47 days ago

How often do you use a VAT calculator? If you’re newly registered for VAT, chances are you may never have used a calculator of this kind before. Read on to find out why a VAT calculator is better than a standard calculator.



Flat-Rate VAT Scheme Rules are Changing from 1st April

89 days ago

If you use HMRC’s flat-rate VAT scheme, changes are coming that you must be aware of. Here, we find out more about those changes, and how they might affect you.



Do You Know Which Items are Zero-Rated for VAT?

114 days ago

If you’re new to the world of VAT, you may not realise there are three rates that can be applied to goods. One of these is the zero rate, which means what it says – no VAT is charged to customers. But which items are included in this area?



Will We See a Cut in VAT Soon?

176 days ago

The annual Budget takes place in March, but this week sees the Autumn statement from the Chancellor – the so-called ‘mini-Budget’. Does it have some news for us in the shape of a change in VAT rates?



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