About Us

The idea behind this website is to bring you the best news and information on all aspects of VAT, or value added tax. A lot of people are confused about what VAT is and how it affects them. And yet if you have your own business you will almost certainly need to know as much about it as possible.

We have gone to great lengths to source just the kind of information you need for your purposes. Topics such as the VAT rates that are in operation both now and in the future (and indeed the past) have been included, as well as lots of other items you may find interesting.

But of course this site is always developing and we are keen to carry on adding new items and articles as and when they are required. And we’d love to hear from you, our visitors, on this matter! If there is a subject to do with value added tax that you would like us to cover, or you have a question or other issue concerning our website, then please do get in touch. We value every single contact with our visitors, so don’t be afraid to make yourself known!

Contacting us

We can be contacted using our contact us form for all enquiries and questions regarding your use of this site.

You should also contact us here if you would like to see additional features added to the website, or you have any other ideas that you think we might be interested in hearing about. We welcome every comment we receive, so don’t delay!

Understanding more about VAT

You’ll notice as you browse round the content of our website that we have included information about how VAT came to be in the first place, as well as how it works now.

A lot of people think that VAT is dull and boring, but for some people – especially those in business – knowing about it is a daily necessity. We hope our website will help to make VAT a little more palatable and perhaps even fascinating in places! Be sure to delve into our articles and you will see what we mean…

In the end though, we cannot and should not replace a qualified accountant if you need advice on your own specific situation. A qualified accountant will be 100% up to date, much more than any website could ever be. And of course, everyone’s situation is different. The information we provide here is general in nature and if you have a more specific question then you should consult your own accountant for advice.

So if you are ready to discover more about VAT – from its beginnings to its present situation – don’t let us stop you. And enjoy your stay!