3 Reasons to Hire an Accountant to Help with VAT

21 days ago

Some people don’t bother with accountants, while others cannot imagine running a business without their help. Why might an accountant be useful when you’re going to register for VAT?



Is VAT a Progressive Tax or a Regressive One?

51 days ago

If you read up about VAT, you’ll soon find it has its supporters and its opponents – much like any other tax you can think of. Some say it is a progressive tax, but others think the opposite. So, which one is true?



What is a VAT Loan and Is It a Good Idea to Get One?

80 days ago

If you dig deep enough and research all elements of VAT online, you’ll eventually encounter information on VAT loans. Here, we discover what they are and whether it is wise to consider applying for one.



VAT Shock for South Africans

129 days ago

A Budget announcement always brings with it changes no one was expecting and changes some people won’t like. South Africans certainly got a surprise when the South African Budget 2018 was announced, as they are about to pay more in VAT.



Could You Lose Customers by Registering for VAT?

141 days ago

This is a question some ask that we’ve never covered before. Is it possible you could lose business if you’re just on the threshold of registering, and you know you won’t earn much over it? We explore the issues.



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