£470k VAT Fraud Sends Leeds Man to Prison

62 days ago

What would you do if you had £470,000 at your disposal? Perhaps the question depends on whether that cash is yours… or whether it should have been sent to HMRC as VAT payments.



Should You Be Ready for Making Tax Digital?

71 days ago

Everything goes digital eventually – at least, it seems like it. Now, it is almost the turn of VAT to go digital. Many business owners will already be familiar with submitting their tax returns online (or at least via their accountants). 2019 will be the year VAT follows suit.



Odd VAT Rules You May Not Be Aware Of

113 days ago

To say the world of VAT is a minefield is a statement many people would probably agree with. It can be hard enough to figure out which items are subject to VAT and which are not. However, there are some odd facts about VAT you may not have heard of.



3 Reasons to Hire an Accountant to Help with VAT

146 days ago

Some people don’t bother with accountants, while others cannot imagine running a business without their help. Why might an accountant be useful when you’re going to register for VAT?



Is VAT a Progressive Tax or a Regressive One?

176 days ago

If you read up about VAT, you’ll soon find it has its supporters and its opponents – much like any other tax you can think of. Some say it is a progressive tax, but others think the opposite. So, which one is true?



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