No Change to the VAT Threshold in the 2017 Budget

16 days ago

Many business owners were no doubt looking at what would happen in this year’s Budget. And there was good news when it came to the threshold for registering to pay VAT.



The Pros and Cons of Voluntarily Registering for VAT

44 days ago

If your business brings in over £85,000 a year, you are required by law to register for VAT. However, if you bring in less than this, you can still register for it voluntarily. There are, as you might expect, pros and cons to doing this. We explore this in more detail.



Cutting the Price of Food and Drink… for One Day Only

96 days ago

If you wander into a Wetherspoons on 20th September, or indeed into one of several other eateries around the country, you might find the prices are cheaper than they would usually be. But why?



Want a Toasted Subway? That’ll Cost You More

102 days ago

If you pop into Subway for the occasional sandwich, you may have noticed a change to the pricing structure. And it is all to do with VAT.



United Arab Emirates to Introduce VAT in 2018

138 days ago

New Year’s Day is often a memorable one for us all. But it will be more so than usual for those living and working in the United Arab Emirates next year, as it sees the introduction of VAT. Read more about it here.



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